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Seller policy

- To sell with us, your item must be valid and of good quality. The first condition of selling with us is that you must give the buyer the opportunity to see your product upon delivery and send us samples to check the product's quality.

- Once your item is validly inspected and approved, we will allow you to sell. And knowing the exact production cost of your product we will determine the market price of both subject to negotiation.

- Once the price is determined, we will determine a commission. And it will soon be listed for sale online

- Items are in correct stock and will inform us of updates when out of stock.

- By consigning a product with us, you acknowledge that it may or may not be sold.

- After an item is sold, we will deduct our agreed commission and send you a bank transfer, check or cash.

- It may take 3 to 7 working days for your product to be delivered to customer for your payment. (Depending on area ie 3 days within Dhaka and 4 to 7 days outside Dhaka)

There are also big sales and campaigns with special deals & special payment facilities as per product and seller. Sometimes we buy all seller's products together or sell them according to special agreement with advance payment facility.